Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Souza: We're better than the Brazil team in Athens 2004

Brazil's Walewska Oliveira hammers in a spike against China

Jose Roberto GUIMARAES (BRA) - head coach
On today's match:
"In Brazil's history, this is the first time for a team to get in the final, and I'm proud of my players. Finally we won the match against China, which we knew would be very difficult. In the first set we were a little bit nervous, then we cooled down, we entered the game and we managed to play our own game and score points. We did a great job in our service, attack and in our counter attack. Now I'm going to think about how to play the match against USA."
On his expectations for the final:
"It's difficult to say. Until now we have played well throughout the competition, but the USA team is strong. They beat Cuba 3-0. I have to talk to my players tomorrow, we have to take care, we have many things to do."

Helia SOUZA (BRA) - captain
On the match:
"We played a little bit rushed at the beginning. We gradually calmed down and we played with determination. Finally, we won 3-0."
On the difference between the current Brazilian team and the Athens 2004 team:
"Compared with the Athens team we believe we staged a comeback. We're more balanced and confident and we've improved a lot. I believe that's the biggest difference."
On how they are going to approach the gold-medal match against USA:
"We're still thinking about the match against China. We set a high bar for us this game. We need to get rid of this thinking and start preparing against USA."
On whether she thinks the Chinese team enjoyed a home-crowd advantage:
"I don't think there was that much of an advantage. Even with the cheering crowd they still need to rely on themselves. They didn't play to their full potential."

China's MA Yunwen (CHN)
On the match:
"In today's match we didn't seize the opportunities at the end of the first set. We were affected by Brazil's attack, we didn't have a consistent frame of mind. This inconsistency resulted in our loss, but the loss won't shake our confidence (for the bronze-medal match). We still have one match and we will try our best."
On the emotional state of her teammates:
"I don't believe anybody can be happy with a loss. I believe we will adjust our frame of mind and play as a team and fight our best for the next match."

CHEN Zhonghe (CHN) - head coach
On today's match:
"Our players fought very hard, but still, we lost. In some key moments the Brazilian team played better, and we still lack skills in our counter attack. Later there were some problems in personnel arrangement."
"Before we entered the court, we had adjusted our frame of mind well. The key problem is that we didn't play consistently in terms of technique."
"There was something wrong with the coordination between attacking and passing. We shouldn't blame any players, our daily training hasn't reached a certain standard so in the game we were playing inconsistently. We were not doing well in making use of the key moments, especially in the game against Cuba - with lots of set points."
"Our attacking was not good. Only when we attack well can we compete with such strong teams. This match exposed many of our problems."
"Before these Olympic Games, we played consistently. We didn't have many ups and downs, but in these Olympics we had many."
On how the match evolved:
"In the beginning of today's match Brazil played very tight and didn't grab some opportunities and didn't cooperate well in passing. But later they managed to pull it even, so at this time, I let WEI Qiuyue (CHN) on the court. We should compete against Brazil by making our own attack rather then wait for them to make mistakes."
On China's preparation for the bronze-medal match against Cuba:
"Right now the older players are feeling depressed - I have to cheer them up and try to play our best in the match against Cuba."
On ZHAO Ruirui's (CHN) injury:
"Her condition is not ideal. She is still having some problems with her knees, so she wasn't playing her best in terms of attacking."