Saturday, 23 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Lang surprised at ease of victory

USA's Logan Tom spikes against Cuba on Thursday

USA Head Coach "Jenny" Ping Lang:

"I thought the game would be more difficult. Previously, we've never played less than three sets."

"I am happy for myself, but I'm happier for the players. They deserve it. They've worked hard for three or four years and cooperated well."

"When we played Cuba, we lost in straight sets, but we never won in straight sets. But today when I was sitting on bench, I didn't have any worries -- especially the older players, they did a fantastic job."

Kim Willoughby:

"We watched videos of the first match (against Cuba) and we said 'Hey, how can we played in such a flat way.' So, today, we came back and we played as a team, as one."

Tayyiba Haneef-Park:

"Our goal all along the four years is to do what we didn't do in Athens, to get the gold medal, tomorrow a new day of practice and we will come out here to give what we can."

Cuba Head Coach Antonio Perdomo:

"America played well. Our two main problems were service and service reception. In the preliminaries Cuba was better at service and service reception, but in the second game, America was better. If we played tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to predict a winner, because the two teams are equal."