Sunday, 27 May 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Guimaraes: We needed patience to beat Japan

Brazil fans celebrate during the match against China

Jose Roberto GUIMARAES (BRA) - coach
On the victory:
"I'm happy again to win this game. It's always difficult to play against Japan and look at the scores, the match was close. We need patience to fight against Japan, and for me it is most important that we win. Who we play next is in the hands of God."

On victory:
"Irrespective of the result today, Japan played well and fought till the end. We served well, it was a tough match, but we made every effort."
On the team's potential opponents in the semifinal round:
"I can't predict the results of the quarterfinals, but we will prepare for and defeat any opponent."

Shoichi YANAGIMOTO (JPN) - coach
On the match:
"After four years of vigorous training and difficult matches, this is the result. This means it's over. I can accept this result because I'm pleased with the players' performances, despite the fact we did not win. I'm satisfied with them (the players)."
On what has changed in the team since Athens:
"After four years of vigorous training, we have improved both technically and in terms of experience. They (the players) have grown, and this is a great legacy."
"Over four years, we've tried all formations and encountered all sorts of different situations. Some players have been injured, some have withdrawn, but finally I'm confident we selected the 12 best players (in Japan)."

On the match:
"Today is our last match, and we are very pleased to play against such a great team as Brazil."
On the four-year build-up to the Olympics:
"The previous four years have been very difficult. We had many difficult opponents and bitter matches. We're pleased we stuck together as a team."
"I want to thank the fans for all their support. I have no regrets."