Friday, 22 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Feng: We fought for each point

Great Wall of China: Triple block keeps out Russia
On the match :
"This was a very important game for us, we are so happy that we won because we knew that Russia is a very strong team. In the quarterfinals there are no weak teams, so we knew we must win every point, so we fought for each point and were successful in the end."
"This victory did not come easily. In the preliminary round we suffered set-backs, we lost two matches and we knew we needed to control our emotions in order to succeed."
"Although Russia lost, we believe Russia is a world-class team. During the last four years we have played them many times. Sometimes we lost, and sometimes they lost. They are a very strong team in height, blocking and attacking, and we managed to take advantage of their errors in this game."
On how China will prepare for the semifinals:
"We will continue to fight for every point. Brazil is a strong team with their own characteristics and we will prepare specifically for them."
Marina SHESHENINA (RUS) - captain (She was crying after speaking to the press)
On the match:
"I want to apologize to our fans because we won't have the opportunity to fight for the Gold."
"I think maybe we were too anxious to win, so we lost control of our emotions."

CHEN Zhonghe (CHN) - head coach
On the match:
"We and Russia have been long-time rivals and friends but neither of us thought that we would meet in the quarterfinals."
On Russia:
"They had great pressure and today in the pre-match meeting we emphasized putting pressure on them and there was good execution in that aspect."
"During the match they didn't seize the important opportunities. Russia had a lead at the beginning in each of the three sets and I had to call a time-out, but they failed to protect that lead. They made a lot of attacking errors. We controlled our emotions and they failed to control theirs and finally, we won."
On their next match (against Brazil on 20 August):
"It is obvious that Brazil is at their peak condition. Our performance is not consistent. We played Brazil three times this year and we won once and lost twice. They changed their outside hitter and that made them stronger while fixing one of their problems. In the past they had extremely strong middle blockers and now they are strong in both positions. They have a very comprehensive skillset and are a fast attacking team. We will still try to fight hard."
Giovanni CAPRARA (ITA) - Russia head coach
On the match :
"Today we had many problems in attacking and breaking through their (China's) blocks. When we were leading we were too eager to win. We started feeling anxious and tense and we were not able to think."
On Russia's inconsistency in international play:
"The reason lies in Russian people's mentality. Russians think that to compete at the Grand Prix and at the Olympics in the same year is wrong, because it would make the girls too tired. Russians lack the mentality of hard work and continuous play at the highest level. I tried to change that mentality but I failed. I guess this is my biggest failure."