Sunday, 27 May 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Mow-Santos lauds match-winner Berg

USA celebrate
Robyn AH MOW-SANTOS (USA) - captain

On coming into the match:

"We had a couple of meetings earlier on (Tuesday) and we knew it was going to be a difficult match, and that we were the underdogs."

"I want to give thanks to Lindsey BERG (USA) for coming in and firing up the team."

On the last time the team were in contention for a medal:

"In Sydney (2000). We played Korea in the quarterfinals."

Lindsey BERG (USA)

On her own performance:

"I just do whatever I can and seize every opportunity. Great thanks to my team for their support."

On the USA's performance:

"If we didn't win this game we would've gone home. Obviously we didn't want to - we just did anything we could, and we won."

Eleonora LO BIANCO (ITA) - captain

On the match:

"They (USA) did very well and at the beginning so did we, particularly in the first three sets. But our errors were fatal, I don't know why we lost."

LANG Ping (CHN) - USA head coach

On playing Italy:

"In the last four years we haven't been able to beat Italy. They are a great team and they are very consistent. They have great defence and passing. It's hard to find weaknesses in them. In the last two days we have been studying how to play against them and we had good technical preparation."

On their performance:

"We knew that if we won, we'd keep going, and if we lost, we were out. So I told my players to not think about the result, but to fight for every point, especially if we are behind. When we met different situations we made quick adjustments."

"In the first set we were behind and we made some position changes and it was successful. I'd like to congratulate my players. They played bravely and presented a beautiful performance."

Massimo BARBOLINI (ITA) - Italy head coach

On his feelings after the defeat:

"I feel kind of bitter, for it is an opportunity lost. We knew it would be very hard to make it."

On the match:

"During the match, fighting ball after ball, we were making the foundations for a good result, but we weren't able to push when it was needed."

On the USA team:

"USA always play at a high level, even when they don't play their best. From the fourth set they started playing very well. They have been able to take advantage of our errors and of their own capabilities, which they used to win the fourth and fifth sets."