Saturday, 26 May 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Perdomo pleased with victory

Team Cuba celebrate
Antonio PERDOMO ESTRELLA (CUB) - head coach
On Cuba's win over Serbia:
"We're pleased with this victory, and with the (subsequent) opportunity to fight for the medals. It was a tough match and Serbia are a tough team." 
"They did very well today, they fought from the beginning to the end of the match, so it was not easy."
"Although we won the match, we were not playing at 100 per cent and our opponent was strong. So it was a tough game. But I think it was a good thing for us. If we had performed easily and won easily we would be too relaxed and lose motivation and I hope we can play better in future matches."
On Cuba's chances for the Gold Medal:
"Today's match was very difficult and both teams were under mental pressure. Despite the victory we didn't feel relaxed, and we must play better in the next two matches. All four teams will be feeling the same emotions."
Zoran TERZIC (SRB) - head coach
On the match:
"Today, we played our best game of this tournament. However, we haven't been playing at this level throughout the tournament, and we are not of the same level as many of the other teams here."
"Because of that, I think we didn't deserve to qualify for the semifinals. It wouldn't be fair for us to beat such a big team as Cuba, who have played at such a high level."
On not allowing his squad to march in the Opening Ceremony:
"Of course they wanted to go to the Opening Ceremony, but because of the early game against Kazakhstan I decided they couldn't go. They were not angry and accepted the decision, as they do every decision I make as a coach."
"I think there is no team that has no problems. Our team has been functioning well for a long time and there are no problems that the media would be interested in."
On his overall impressions of Serbia's performance in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games:
"The problem was, we won the first two games to qualify for the quarterfinals, so we were too relaxed and we played the last three (preliminary) games with little motivation."
Yumilka RUIZ (CUB)
On the win:
"We are very pleased with today's win because it means we have made it to the semifinals of the Olympic Games. Serbia performed decisively, but we won in straight sets, so we are extremely happy about that."
On the match:
"We gave our best, although we again made some stupid mistakes. All in all, I'm glad to be a part of these Olympic Games."