Thursday, 21 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Feng pleased with fight shown

Juan Li attacks against Japan
On the match:
"We did great although we had some troubles. We played as a team and fought to the end, we fought for each and every point and I hope we can fight for each point in the matches to come."
On the young players' (WEI Quiyue and XUE Ming (CHN)) performances:
"I feel when the young players (WEI Quiyue and XUE Ming) came on they played to their full potential. They were dynamic and stood up to pressure very well. All 12 of us are a team and it's really important to fight for each game."
On her knee injury:
"I don't think it has a big effect on my performance - the competition was fierce and I got tired. I don't think it matters that much."
On the match:
"We had a good start today but we made mistakes in the middle and the opponent caught up. We didn't play to our potential tonight."
CHEN Zhonghe (CHN) - coach
On today's match:
"In the beginning of today's match Japan got off to a good start. They pressured us with their service and that imposed a threat to us. Before the score reached 12 we didn't handle the pace of the game well. We made some mistakes and didn't do well in cooperation and our passing was broken. We didn't control our emotions well. Later we played as a team and the young players created pressure on their opponent, especially in blocking."
On not having to face Brazil in the quarterfinals:
"It was an important match today. Brazil is in top form. Every team in pool A doesn't want to meet them."
Shoichi YANAGIMOTO (JPN) - coach
On today's match:
"We are faced with different requirements in different matches. Today we lost on the emotional side. We didn't fight to the end. We didn't have the strong will to win."
On player Megumi KURIHARA's (JPN) performance:
"In the preliminaries we lost to Cuba, but she did well. Later on she played just so-so. She is worried about it. There are some problems. We will make adjustments and I hope she will play better."