Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Lo Bianco: We might be able to beat Brazil in future

Italy's Francesca Piccinini spikes against Brazil
Eleonora LO BIANCO (ITA) - captain
On the loss:
"I don't have much to say about this match. We didn't play to our full potential. The Brazilian team is a very strong team and they are playing well. We gained some experience from this match, so in the future we might be able to beat them."
Helia SOUZA (BRA) - captain
On Sunday's victory:
"We did well in this match. We were very determined on the court. We did well in service, and that helped us to win the match."
"We took this match seriously. As I said, we were very determined, fought till the end and displayed our full potential."
Jose Roberto GUIMARAES (BRA) - head coach
On the match:
"We did a very good job today, we played very well in blocks - we got 19 points (from the blocking). We played very consistently, and now I have to think about the quarterfinals. This game is over for me, that's enough."
On his preferred quarterfinal opponent:
"We have to wait, it is difficult to say. I think China will be the third and Japan the fourth (in Pool B). But I don't know, they still have to play (Sunday)."
Massimo BARBOLINI (ITA) - head coach
On the match:
"I think Brazil played some very wonderful volley, and it is correct that they won this preliminary round."
"We played a bad match in attack and in blocks. We did well only in service sometimes and in reception sometimes, but it is not enough to beat Brazil. So I think it's justified that Brazil won 3-0."