Monday, 25 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Pavlova unhappy despite win

Kazakhstan's captain Yelena Pavlova spikes

Yelena Pavlova (KAZ) - captain

On their victory:

"As captain, I am not satisfied with our performance today because we did not play to our best potential. We were only playing at 50 per cent of our capacity. We wanted to win and we wanted to play better (than in previous matches)."

Viktor Zhuravlev (KAZ) - coach

On their victory:

"this was our last match before we leave the Olympics. We are leaving for Kazakhstan tomorrow night. Although it is only a single victory, it brings happiness to our fans and it means a lot to our team."

"I do not think we played to our potential because our players are all very tired from playing five matches against the best teams in the world."

"In the first two sets of today's match, we played well, but in the third set, we made plenty of mistakes. Our players adjusted well mentally to the fourth set (after losing the third) and I want to congratulate them on winning such a tough match."

On what Kazakhstan can take away from the 2008 Beijing Olympics:

"All teams have their advantage in terms of skills and their way of play. So we have somthing to learn from each team in terms of their technique, training methods and personal capacities."

"All the teams are strong teams and we have learn from them all. We have taken video of all the matches and we will use it to develop the skill of our players."

"I believe our presence at the Olympic Games will help improve the sport of Volleyball in Kazakhstan."

Narimene Madani (ALG) - captain

On why she didn't play in the last two matches:

"I had a small injury. I am very disappointed that I was not able to play in those matches, but that wasn't what I had intended."

"This  is the first time we've played in the Olympic Games. We are proud to be here. In this competition, we have seen the strongest teams in the world and the experience of competing with such teams is very important to us."

Mouloud Ikhedji (ALG) - coach

On the match:

"I think that if we had played harder in today's match, we would have won. We did our best, but we lost because compared with Kazakhstan, we lack experience. We were weak in individual abilities, technical skills, individual experience and also the team's experience."

On Algeria's first Olympic campaign:

"This is the first time we have attended such a high-level event like the Olympics. Every match has brought us new experience. It is very helpful for our team."

On whether Algeria will be watching the quarterfinals:

"We are going to stay and watch the rest of the matches. We can gain experience just by watching such elite teams."