Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Lang: We played a great match

Team USA celebrates
LANG Ping (CHN) - USA head coach

On the match:

"Before the game our situation was difficult. We set up the goal to make the quarterfinals and we only had two games left. We haven't played well in the last three games. We had a meeting to tell the players that every point is very important. I told them to not think about the result, but to believe in yourself and fight for every point. We showed great spirit and played a great match."

On her feelings on being in China, but coaching the USA team:

"It doesn't matter if we play China, if we play Cuba or if we play any other team, every time is the same. I try to be concentrated on the game, not the emotions. I have been coaching the USA team for four years, so this is not the first time we played China."

On her coaching strategy:

"As coach of the US team, our players are very emotional, very passionate, but sometimes too much. I have to balance it. If it gets too high, I have to settle it, or if too low, I have to raise it, sort of like a cheerleader."

On defeating China:

"China is a great team and has had great results from all the (recent) tournaments. It doesn't mean you win one game and you're better than China."

CHEN Zhonghe (CHN) - China head coach

On the match:

"It's a tough match, I think we tried our best but we still lost. We lacked control of our frame of mind, especially in the fourth set. Many of the key points were not handled well. ZHOU Suhong and FENG Kun have played in the Olympics before, but they still haven't played that many critical points. The USA team on the other hand are very calm and experienced when playing those key points."

On why ZHAO Ruirui was not on court in the second, third and fourth sets:

"She was sick, not feeling very well. Her first set performance was not outstanding so I would rather let the younger players have a go on the court, to gain experience."

On China's President HU Jingtao's presence:

"I felt very great tonight. It is very special that many people, including the president watched our game and I feel very motivated."

Lindsey BERG (USA)

On the win:

"We are absolutely thrilled. We knew it was going to be tough playing China at their home, all we wanted was to fight. We wanted to play hard each game and each set, and we did win the game."

On losing to Cuba in their first match:

"With Cuba we had a hard match - emotionally, physically and technically. Today is our comeback."

What USA coach LANG Ping (CHN) says to the team during time-outs:

"That depends on how the game goes. Most of the time it is technical, then it becomes emotional support. She has been our leader for the last four years and she has been our emotional support. We are very happy she is here to play with us in the Olympic Games. She is here to lead us to a medal."

LIU Yanan (CHN)

On their performance:

"Although we lost the match, every player played their best. It's important we find our problems in the preliminaries and find ways to solve them. I hope we can overcome the difficulties and reach our goals."

On the absence of captain FENG Kun (CHN) from the press conference:

"She was not feeling well with a stomach ache."

On playing at home:

"We are happy to play at home. The 1.3 billion people are our support, we are motivated by them and we played with more passion."

On China's President HU Jintao's presence:

"We were very focused on the game at first and didn't really notice him. Later on we noticed him and that encouraged us."

On LANG Ping being the opponent's coach:

"LANG Ping is the role model for every Chinese female volleyball player. However, we don't have special feelings when we play against the USA. She's now coaching the USA team and she has helped them improve and change their style. Still, we played without any special feelings."