Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Guimaraes starts to think of medals

Brazilian player Jaqueline Carvalho

Jose Roberto Guimaras (BRA) - coach

"On the match:

"We were doing well in the first two sets, after we substituted some players, we lost our rhythm and there were some problems. But for now we have to consider the medals and have to think about how to play in our upcoming games."

On Brazil's future matches:

"It is hard to say which team we will meet in the quarterfinals. Every team is very strong, and competing against Italy in the next match will be tough for us. We will just have to wait and see which team we will meet, I do not know."

Heila Souza (BRA) - captain

On the match:

"If the Kazakhstan team had played like they did in the third set for the first two, then the game would have been much more competitive and intense."

On their substitutions:

"Because we were leading we substituted some players. But after the substitutions we had some problems."

On their spiking during the game:

"We have five spikers to choose from. All of them played very well but it is impossible to let them all play so we can only chose the top spikers to put on the field."

Yelena Pavlova (KAZ) - captain

On Kazakhstan's fourth straight loss:

"We are not strong enough to beat teams like Brazil, Russia and Serbia. But participating in the Olympic Gmaes is important and critical for the development of our players."

On the match:

"We played quite well in the last set today. If we had played every set like this, the result would have been fifferent."

I stress again that we are lacking experience, but this (the Games) is a good opportunity to gain more experience. I hope Brazil do not lose any of their coming matches."

Viktor Zhuravlev (KAZ) - coach

On the match:

"Today was only the second time we have ever played against Brazil. They are the No. 1 ranked team and so we were nervous."

"We started out well, but in the middle we were nervous and that is why we did so badly in the second set. In the third set I think we played pretty well. Generally speaking, our players put on a respectable performance."