Monday, 23 April 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Citakovic: The most important thing is we won

Serbia's Ivana Djerisilo-Stankovic attacks

Vesna CITAKOVIC (SRB) - captain

On the match:


"Everybody's saying this is an historic game for Serbia because it's the first time we are at the Olympic Games and this is our first win at the Olympic Games. "


"At the beginning our coordination was poor and then we improved and played better and better. In the third set our concentration was really poor and we lost that set. By the fourth set we started to improve. At the end the most important thing is that we won this game."


Zoran TERZIC (SRB) - coach


On the match:


"If we won today we have a very big chance to go to the quarterfinals, so today I think we were a little nervous and a little tough. I hoped we could overcome this nervousness. I think we have to play better if we are going to win against much, much stronger teams."


On the Serbian team's absence from the Opening Ceremony:


"It was my decision. The girls really had an enormous wish to go to the Opening Ceremony. They are aware of the fact that this is one of the rare opportunities for them to be at this event. I repeat, it was my decision. I hope they will be able to forgive me one day because I can see now that they are still very angry. Maybe in 10 or 15 years."


On whether he is pleased with the win:


"On one side, definitely not. I am not pleased. I asked them through all the game, they should not think about the competition and the result. They should only think about the game they are playing, So I am not pleased. On the other side, this is a very young team with a lack of experience, it's very normal."


On whether Serbia will alter their tactics in the upcoming Preliminary matches:


"There is no team that can make significant changes during the tournament. Some changes can be made, especially in the tactics, but that is not the important part. The most important thing is that the girls understand that they have to play differently to what they did today. If that is what is important the girls would play a game of much better quality."


Yelena PAVLOVA (KAZ) - captain


On the outcome of the match:


"This is the first big competition our team has ever attended. I know my team was a little bit nervous, but I think everyone played well especially at the end of the game. The Serbian team is a respected team. I'd like to express my congratulations to the Serbian team."


On her thoughts during the end of the fourth set:


"In fact, from the fourth set, our team felt we were doing better and better, both in service and attack. We did well in rhythm and balance."


On her expectations for the remaining matches:


"For our team, this is the first Olympic Games. The most important thing is participation- we are not expecting a medal. Our purpose is to play well every set and every match."


Viktor ZHURAVLEV (KAZ) - coach


On the outcome of the match:


"As a team that has lost, you can imagine what I feel now. As our team captain said, participation is more important. This is an achievement for us. Serbia is a strong team, young with comprehensive skills. It would be difficult for any team to beat them."


"We are doing our best and we are learning from other teams to improve our skills. This is most important."


On his team being an underdog:


"For our team, even if we lose in this competition, it is still a valuable experience. As our captain said, we will play match by match, set by set. We will do our best in all the games."


On changes he will make to improve:


"Even if you haven't noticed a player, she may play very well, and we are going to try different formations and different line-ups for our team."