Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Russia defeat Algeria

Russia with the team's mascot

Narimens Madani (ALG) - captain

On the match:

"This was our first ever encounter with Russia. We knew they would be very strong, with tall players, and this put a lot of pressure on us."

On Algeria's hopes for their final Olympic match agsinst Kazakhstan:

"We are not happy with our results so far. In our next match against Kazakhstan we will try to win at least one set but we would be happier to win the whole match. We are still making preparations though and we are not ready yet."

Mouloud Ikhedji (ALG) - coach

On losing their fourth consecutive preliminary match:

"This is the fourth time we played a strong team, and all the four teams have caused us a lot of problems. We just hope in the Olympic Games we can accumulate experience for our future."

Marina Sheshenina (RUS) - captain

On Russia's performance:

"I just want to emphasise that our team is in a normal state. There is nothing wrong, only that we have not played big competitions in the last couple of years. That is why our team has been a little bit nervous. However, as we have gone on, we have progressed."

On the Russian team's mascot, Russia cartoon character 'Cheburashka':

"This is a symbol of the Russian team. It is used by our team to improve our morale. It is not an animal, and it is a character from a movie."

Giovanni Caprara (RUS) - coach

On Russia's performance in the match:

"Today we have been doing well, in both skills and tactics and our team is improving in every aspect, which has laid a good foundation for future competitions."

"Today we did not have to worry so much about tactics (because) Algeria is not a very strong team, but it was good time to make some technical adjustments."

On his expectations for the quarterfinals:

"The only thing that I want my team to do is to play very, very, very well against Serbia. We do not want to think about the pool and who will be in the quarterfinals."