Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Ahmow-Santos: Every game is on the line

Desiree Glod (VEN) celebrates

Robyn Ahmow-Santos (USA) - captain

On the match:

"We are very happy with the win, a win is a win, But we are still not happy with our performance. During the match, we tried to eliminate errors and we did not do so good with that."

On whether or not their loss to Cuba encouraged them to improve:

"Every game is on the line, and whoever makes the most errors will ultimately lose the game. We made a lot of errors coming into this game, and we have to make sure we eliminate those."

Lang Ping (USA) - coach

On the match:

"This was a very good game. We played well and so did they. Venezuela had a particularly good defence and utilised some great hitters, such as No. 9 (Jayce Andrade) and No. 10 (desiree Glod).

On Usa's performance in the match:

"We played inconsistently in this game especially with our passing. When we do not hit our rhythm, we make errors."

"We used to be good, but we have to realize that before the Olympic Games we did not have a lot of time to train together. (But) all the players are doing their best, and as long as we try our best we can achieve a good result."

On Logan Tom's (USA) performance:

"Logan Tom is a very experienced player. The reason she did not start well is because of the Gym (in Beijing). But we can not owe her performance to the Gym because if you are a great player, you can play under all conditions, early, evening, this Gym, that Gym. But it took us a pretty long long to get used to the Gym here."

"Speaking as a coach, if we want to have a better result, we have to play consistently from the beginning."

On whether her experience with the Chinese team will give USA an advantage in their next match against China:

"It does not matter how much I know because I am not playing the game. We are under a lot of pressure for this game, and we respect the Chinese team but we have to focus on ourselves."

"it is going to be a very tough game. China is the host and they play very well. You have to go play and play well even if you know how they play."

Jayce Andrade (VEN) - captain

On the match:

"We played better than before. but USA finally won because they are more experienced. It is a process of learning and we should improve in the future compititions."

Tomas Fernandez (VEN) - coach

On the match:

"I am very happy with the performance in the competition. We have played very well against one of the four most powerful teams in the world. The American team is a very strong team."

"I believe it is highly probable that they will win the gold medal. This is in keeping with their performance in the last 10 years and this will continue into the future."

On the advantage of having a young team:

"Oue players have an average age of just over 18. In the next Olympic Games, when other teams have to change over their players, we will not have to change our squad. So that is one advantage of having such a young team."