Saturday, 26 May 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Brazilians happy with way things are going

Brazil celebrate against Russia

Brazil captain Fofao:

"We played well from the beginning till the end. We concentrated very well throughout the match."

Brazil Head Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes:

"Of course I am happy to win, we did very well, we played with concentration and consistency, but it's just the second round of play. We have to keep working and do it step by step, it's very important."

Brazil's Sheilla Castro:

"I think they didn't want to play. It seems they have a problem inside, but I don't know."

Russia captain and setter Marina Sheshenina:

"It's a pity to lose again, but I think we played better than we did in the last match."

"I just want to say that Brazil is a very strong team and we had better concentration than the last match," she added.

According to Sheshenina, the Russian women, who eyed a medal at the Beijing Games, were not affected by their coach's recent criticism.

"We work as a team and nobody criticized us," she said.

Russia Head Coach Giovanni Caprara of Italy: 

"Our team and the Brazilian team had very different experience. They played a lot of high level international matches in the World Cup last year and World Grand Prix this year, while we did not qualify for either tournament."

"Brazil gave us a lesson of volleyball today. They played with double speed compared to Russia, they concentrated on their play, and technically they were much better than Russia."

"The start time is not only early for us but for Italy too, but there is a different mentality with Russian teams regarding early matches as they tend to have an issue with fatigue. I have to persuade them and work hard to overcome this mentality and be prepared for tough matches, but it seems that I fought here alone. It's an issue of attitude," he added.