Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Lo Bianco: We were psychologically and physically prepared

Italy's Martina Guiggi celebrates

Eleonora LO BIANCO (ITA) - captain

On Italy's performance against Russia: "We have made very good preparations both psychologically and physically."

"This is the first match in the Olympic Games and we were playing very well. It has laid a good foundation for the rest of the Games."

"We all know Russia is a strong team, but we have played well because we have a good defence."

On Italy's preparation for their next match against Kazakhstan:

"Regarding our match against Kazakhstan, we will learn more from watching their game this afternoon. The attitude of the team is the most important thing and we will do our best."

"It was great to win the game but we've got to forget about it straight away and focus on studying Kazakhstan."

Massimo BARBOLINI (ITA) - coach

On the win against Russia:

"I think that we played a very good match because we played with good rhythm."

"The experience of the Grand Prix has been very important for us. We played, we won, we lost, we have a good rhythm in play."

"I'm very proud of my players because they've been able to play a very good match with a completely new formation."

"It's important to start the Olympic Games with an important victory."

On whether Taismary AGUERO's (ITA) absence has been a stress on the team:

"The girls are thinking about the problem of AGUERO being gone, but now they are thinking about the competition. So I think everybody - everybody - must think only about the competition."

On when AGUERO will return:

"I don't know."

On AGUERO's location during the press conference:

"I just came from the match to here. I really don't know, I'm sorry."

On his continual substitution of players during the match:

"(When we were) not playing very well I was trying to change the setter ... for the third set. For example, in the third and the fourth set we changed the second middle blocker. Sometimes it happens that there are two players different for the set-up in attack, and I was thinking that it was better in this way."

Giovanni CAPRARA (ITA) - Russia coach

On Russia's performance:

"We have done everything we could do. The rest was left to destiny. Actually, we played very well in the second set. If we could keep playing like that, everything could get better. But that was the game."

On the closeness of the match:

"Although they are trifling, details can always decide whether we win or lose. I have never encountered a point-by-point game like today's."

On the timing of the match (10:00):


"The players have their own opinions about this, which is important, but I have talked to them about the early times of matches. The start time is not only early for us but for Italy too. There is a different mentality with Russian teams regarding early matches as they tend to have an issue with fatigue. I have to persuade them and work hard to overcome this mentality. Recently we played three matches against Poland and afterwards all the players complained they were tired. Fatigue is a big issue which we must resolve."


On leading Russia against his home nation and the Italian media's reaction to his role:


"I didn't feel any pressure as we have played Italy many times before. There has been no problem with the media reaction. The media have their professional duties. They won't show disrespect towards me."

Ekaterina GAMOVA (RUS)

On why they lost the game:

"We didn't play very well. We made many mistakes on simple balls."
"Because the game started so early, it affected our performance to some degree."


On Taismary AGUERO's (ITA) absence:

"I am very happy about winning today and I wasn't affected so much (by AGUERO's absence). We all feel sorry for her mother."

On being substituted in the first and second set:

"I don't have problems with the muscles in my arm. The problem wasn't with my body, it was a problem with my technique."

On her new digging technique:

"They tried to train me to play in a new position. But today I performed well in my old position."