Thursday, 25 February 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Hoff happy with performance

USA's Lloy Ball sets for Ryan Miller
Thomas HOFF (USA) - captain
On their performance:
"At the very beginning we waited to see what kind of strategy Italy chose. But from the second and third sets our defence and blocking got better and that gave us chances to score. At the same time, we were more focused on attacking."
On their current ranking:
"We were playing some very good volleyball and that's more important than ranking or anything else. That's something our head coach Hugh (McCUTCHEON, NZL) has tried to instil in us - just play good volleyball, and when you do that, good things will happen."
On the USA team's spirit:
"What happened to our head coach (Hugh McCUTCHEON) is a tragedy and so sudden. It makes you think of people, it's a good reminder to us of what is most important. In the past four years, we have been playing together and have built trust between each other and the coach asked us to just try our best on the court."
Alberto CISOLLA (ITA) - captain
On the match:
"We knew it would be difficult, the USA are the best shaped team in the world and this match proved it."
"In the beginning we lost Mirko CORSANO (ITA), who's very important for our reception. After that it became very difficult to play well."
On the USA team:
"They defended well. It was hard for us to gain the serve and we saw the result of this."