Friday, 5 March 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Poland shut out Egypt in straight sets

Great block by Poland's Sebastian Swiderski and Lukasz Kadziewicz against attack by Abdel Naeim

Hamdy Awad (EGY) - captain

On the match:

"The Polish team has displayed a high-quality performance. We were doing well in the first set, but later we lost our concentration in the second set and the third set. We have not played to our full potential."

On the next games:

"We are lagging behind and all the teams are strong. In our pool, we will be competing against Germany, Russia and then Serbia. We will do what we can to concentrate and play every game to the best of our abilities."

Ahmed Zakaria (EGY) -- coach

On the performance:

"I have nothing to say because I am feeling disappointed with the results. We started good and we were concentrated before the match. Some players made many mistakes and we lost the first set. We performed better in the second set, but we lost the third. We lost very easily."

On the condition of the players:

"Our players are very young and do not have too much experience. In this situation, they lost a mental advantage. We do not have the spirit to fight. I am very sad."

Piotr Gruszka (POL) - captain

On the match:

"We are happy about the result but we also know the Olympics are a long journey and we have to play well in every match."

On the preparing for their next match (against Serbia on Thursday, 14 August):

"Before the Games we already fully prepared and to get ready for the next game. We will continued the same way. Of course, we will use different tactics against different teams."

Raul Lozano (POL) - coach

On the match:

"One game will not influence the result of the Olympics. The Polish team have done well because all the players are motivated to win, but this may have been lacking in the opposing team. The Olympic Games are very important and we have to do well in every set in every game."

On Poland's performance:

"This is a team sport and we have done well as a team. All players performed at a high level, especially in attacking and in blocking, which are the basic skills needed to success."