Saturday, 27 February 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Rezende: We played seriously

Brazil's Anderson celebrates point

Bernardo REZENDE (BRA) - head coach

On today's performance:
"I think the positive point is that the team played very seriously, we concentrated and we rebuilt confidence. Even if in certain parts we didn't play too well, I think we played our average."

On the Egyptians:
"They were nervous and played below their level, but I'm sure from what they've done in the World League they will improve a lot during this tournament."

On the next game with Serbia:
"We made many changes since the World League, and Serbia also changed a lot. They played the final (of the World League) very well. Our defence has returned to a good level. This is the most important thing for us, because Serbia attacks very well."

On feeling pressure:
"We've been dealing with the pressure for a long time. There was a lot of pressure we had to deal with before the Olympics, a lot of demands; it was not the right moment to play in Brazil (the World League)."

"The world doesn't see us as the favourite anymore, but just as a good contender. It works in a way because it takes pressure away, but the other teams are now more confident in playing against Brazil."

Gilberto GODOY FILHO (BRA) - captain

On the match:
"Egypt played well but we played better in attack and defence - that's it. Now we are going to forget about winners and losers and think about the next match."

On becoming a father for the second time during the Olympics:
"It's really hard because this is the second time I have become a father, and it is the second time I become a father during the Olympics. It's a baby boy and I hope this time he will wait for me. Yesterday I received a present from my family, it's a video of the whole family from my wife. I hope everything's OK and I can be with my family when I go home."

On how to beat Serbia:
"Today our counter-attack did not work at all. The fundamentals must be better because coming from defence to attack was the worst part today."

"We need to play the way we know how to play. The Brazilian press made a big deal about an argument we had during practice, but that's the way we push each other to reach our goals."

"We are expecting another tough match, maybe 3-2. We must play with patience and take advantage of their mistakes. We have to play as a group."

Hamdy AWAD (EGY) - captain

On the team's offence:
"Our major offensive tactic is back-row offence. But now it doesn't seem so efficient."

On the team's morale:
"There are a lot of world class teams in this pool (B). We have always kept a high spirit and we will continue as we move forward to the next few games."

Ahmed ZAKARIA (EGY) - head coach

On Egypt's performance:
"We didn't do very well today because Brazil is too strong. We were under too much pressure and we couldn't beat their attack. We made some mistakes, but we will try to improve."