Thursday, 25 February 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Rezende: We were nervous

Mauro Gavotto attacks
Bernardo REZENDE (BRA) - Brazil head coach

On the match:

"For us, it was a tough match, very tight. The team was nervous and very tense."

"There is a heavy burden on our shoulders after we lost the World League. I was worried that the players would think too much about what would happen if they lost again, instead of focusing on playing."

On the first two sets:

"In the first set Italy played very well, served well. From the second set our players forgot about the upset and became more concentrated."

On the final against the USA:

"Right now we have to focus on the USA. They played very well, consistently. We have to play better."

Andrea ANASTASI (ITA) - Italy head coach

On Brazil:

"They were superior, they played better than us. They deserved to win. They will be play a wonderful Olympic final."

On the Bronze medal match against Russia:

"We will have the match for the third and fourth place. We will have to stay focused for this."

 Gilberto GODOY FILHO "Giba" (BRA) - captain

On the match:

"It was a very nervous match against Italy, very difficult - it's faster and more intricate. At the beginning we were very nervous and then we got into the match. The Italian team was very good, although we made many mistakes, but now I need to think about the USA (in the Gold medal match)."

On the medal match against the USA on Sunday, 24 August:

"We will study the USA's last match against Russia and we will do our best. The USA played very well, especially in defence. We need to have a lot of patience."

Alberto CISOLLA (ITA) - captain

On the match:

"It's a bit difficult to comment. We are very depressed because we lost, and we didn't seize the key moments in the game, although they occurred often. Playing a tough team like Brazil, it is crucial to seize them (key moments)."