Friday, 5 March 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Cisolla: It was difficult and we learned a lot

Italy's Luigi Mastrangelo spikes
Alberto CISOLLA (ITA) - captain
On the match:
"Before this match we knew it would be tough, and during the game there were some ebbs and flows, but we were able to pick up our form again towards the end of the match."
"It was a difficult match and we learned a lot. In the future we'll do better, and will prepare for the semifinals."
Piotr GRUSZKA (POL) - captain
On their loss to Italy:
"Competition is always cruel. This was a match of a very high technical level, and maybe we were slightly less lucky. My teammates and I are very sad because we didn't make it into the semifinals, but the Italians did well in today's match. We played as a team and stood together, and on the whole we played well."

Andrea ANASTASI (ITA) - coach
On the match:
"We all contributed to this fantastic match today and we learned a lot from Poland. The result of the last set, 17-15, proved that Poland is a relatively strong team. We are happy that we can enter the semifinals and we will prepare for our  game against Brazil (assuming that Brazil beat China in Wednsday's quarterfinal) two days from now."
On what they need to improve before the semifinals:
"I just think adjusting ourselves and staying in peak condition are more important than any improvement right now. Brazil is one of the most comprehensive teams in the world and we must focus on beating them."
Raul LOZANO (ARG) - coach

On the match:
"In the first set, the Italians did well in blocking and defence. We had a lot of errors that made the game difficult. As head coach, I feel rather bitter, but that's not what matters now."
"Today's match was similar to the one versus Russia. Last time, we won. This time, we failed to grasp opportunities. We prepared thoroughly in terms of tactics and the players tried their best, (but) in a game, the result is always open."