Monday, 1 March 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Zhou: There is a long way to go

ZHOU Jianan (CHN) - head coach

On the match:

"We lost this match but I'm pleased with the level demonstrated on the court by my players. We are about to enter the quarterfinals and our opponent is a world class team - Brazil. This match will help us improve our confidence."

On the quarterfinals:

"There is still a long way to go. We'd like to take this opportunity to improve the confidence of the Chinese local teams and players. I believe that as long as we stick to the game, we will get good results."

On YUAN Zhi's (CHN) absence:

"YUAN Zhi was affected by his jump because he had a serious injury to his knees during the game against Japan. In the previous game against USA we also allowed him to take a rest. We hope that after some adjustment he will be able to play on the court against Brazil."

On FANG Yingchao (CHN):

"We are confident of the attacking capability of FANG Yingchao (CHN). As long as he plays his level, he can be a threat to European teams."

Andrea ANASTASI (ITA) - head coach

On the match:

"I don't have too much to say. As our captain (Alberto CISOLLA, ITA) has commented this match was somewhat strange. We were sort of relaxed, we lost the rhythm of the game. Later on we recovered."

SHEN Qiong (CHN)

On the match:

"Winning or losing didn't affect the standings between Italy and us. Today we both played with all of our potential and performed very well. We are now preparing for our next match (against Brazil), and we will perform even better next time."

On the possibility of playing internationally:

"If the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely go. Overall the international teams play at a much higher level. This is a very good opportunity to improve myself and to help China Men's Volleyball."

Alberto CISOLLA (ITA) - captain

On the match:

"I think this was a strange match. We played very well at the beginning, but we were somewhat relaxed during the middle. This is why China was able to catch up. In the end we were able to adjust our game, this is a very typical situation in the Olympic Games. We should focus more on the match. We should control the rhythm of the match better and prepare for our future matches."

On if the crowd affected them:

"Of course, the cheering from the crowd made the match more difficult for us. The Chinese team has potential, when we relaxed they were able to catch up. Once we adjusted our rhythm we will play better."