Sunday, 28 February 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Konstantinov hoping return will pay off

Bulgaria's Plamen Konstantinov spikes

Plamen Konstantinov (BUL) - captain

On what he said to his fellow players beforehand:

"I told my teammates to overcome their difficulties and nervousness. We should keep going in this way into quarterfinals. This is an important match for us and we should take the team into quarterfinals because we are a team who deserve it.

"I am satisfied with the game, I feel fresh in playing but felt a little tired. I hope my return from Sofia to beijing will be helpful for my team in the future matches."

Martin Stoev (BUL) - coach

On the match:

"I am very glad we won the game because my team worked differently than in the match against Italy and all the players listened to my tactical advice."

"I should tell you that taking back Konstantinov for this game evoked some confidence in my players, especially in receiving. Yesterday we talked with each other about a lot of things, especially about how we suffered for years."

"I am happy to see the difference my players showed today. For the first time in these Olympic Games, we have had all 12 players in our team. Not only the highest number of players, but also the highest number of healthy players,. This makes me more confident and I can choose from more people to play on the court. So it was good for me today and for the next matches. It will help my team to play better and better."

On the possibility of facing Brazil in the quarterfinals:

"I should tell you that in the last two Olympic Games, the medallists were eliminated in the quarterfinals. If this tradition situation continues, we will play against Brazil."

Andy Rojas (VEN) - captain

On the match:

"Even before the match started, we knew this would be a difficult game for us. We tried to play well at the beginning because we knew today's game was really important for us as it determined whether we could qualify for the quarterfinals."

"The Bulgarian team was excellent, especially in their serving. Their service borke our first pass and we could not effectively organize attacks."

On Venezuela's performance at the 2008 Olympics:

"At the very beginning of the Olympic Games we hoped that we could do a better job and reach the quarterfinals, but we didn't realize that goal."

"However, we are happy because we have already performed better than any other Olympic Games, we didn't even qualify for previous Games."