Tuesday, 2 March 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Giba getting better as Brazil blank Poland

Brazil's Andre attacks
Gilberto GODOY FILHO (BRA) - captain

On the match:

"It was a very hard match. Poland won their last three matches but, today, all of us were very angry after losing our last match to Russia. The point for Brazil was the attack."

On his shoulder:

"My shoulder is better. I have this problem, chronic tendonitis. I just need physiotherapy and play."

Piotr GRUSZKA (POL) - captain

On the match:

"We lost this match, but our Olympics will continue. We hope to win our next match against Russia."

Bernardo REZENDE (BRA) - Brazil head coach

On comparisons with their last match against Russia:

"We made less mistakes than we did in the game against Russia, in which we made nine more mistakes than Russia did in unforced errors and that was amazingly high."

On their performance:

"We were a little bit nervous at the beginning (of this match) but then we were more in control and subsequently played better in the second and third sets, especially in serving and blocking. Our middle attack worked well and contributed a lot to our success tonight."

On the remainder of the competition:

"This is just one more step. Even though we (had) lost against Russia, we played better than we did in the World League, so this is just one step and we hope to play better against Germany and be ready for the quarterfinals."

Raul LOZANO (ARG) - Poland head coach

On the match:

"In the first set both teams played equally well but then Brazil played better than us. If you don't play in the right way you will not win."

"We have already qualified for the quarterfinals, so now we will think about the next match and fix the problems that hindered us today."