Friday, 5 March 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Lozano pleased with progress

Poland fans "on tour"
Raul LOZANO (ARG) - Poland head coach

On today's victory:

"Today's match between the two teams was fantastic, both did very well. Our opponents showed their high level of play. As the coach of the other team said, our opponents lost because of the loss of some key players. I'm pleased with the fact that my team has qualified for the quarterfinals."

Igor KOLAKOVIC (MNE) - Serbia head coach

On the match:

"This was our third loss in a row, it doesn't feel good for us, but life goes on. This wasn't a good match for us, we should forget it as soon as possible. From the beginning we played nervously, and we weren't precise enough, so we could not equal sets. Later, we had some advantages, but it was not enough for us. We didn't play the way we planned, so we have to think about the way we play in future matches."

Piotr GRUSZKA (POL) - captain

On the match:

"It was a close match today. We grabbed the opportunity at crucial moments. We are very pleased with the result today. What we have to do is prepare for the next game."

Nicola GRBIC (SRB) - captain

On the future:

"The main thing now is to think about qualifying for the quarterfinals and our next game against Germany. We will see what we did badly and what we did well, and try to improve everything. We have to be more aggressive from beginning to end."