Thursday, 25 February 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Giba: Russia was better

Brazil's Andre Heller spikes against Russia
Gilberto GODOY FILHO (BRA) - captain

On the match:

"Today was a very hard match for us. Russia had good blocking and defence. Brazil did too, but we lost in the counterattack. I think this was the key point of the match. Brazil played very well, but Russia was better."

On his shoulder injury:

"My shoulder is better. I need to wait though. The competition is long. I need to do physiotherapy and have medicals before each time I play."

"Brazil have 12 players. I want to play but I don't want to create trouble for the team. At the moment there are others playing better than me and they are better physically."

Vadim KHAMUTTSKIKH (RUS) - captain

On the match:

"As you saw, this was a very difficult and close match but we were able to perform well at the end of each set."