Monday, 8 March 2021
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Moculescu: Egpytians were a little emotional

Egyptians talk during timeout

Hamdy Awad (EGY) - captain

On the match:

"We performed better than our last match but we still had a lot of problems today. Our players could not concentrate on the match. We should learn from this match and play better in the next match."

Ahmed Zakaria (EGY) -coach

On why they lost the match:

"We started very well but we lost our concentration during the sets. Our two strongest players No. 13 (Mohamed Badawy) and No. 5 (Abdel Latif Ahmed) did not play well today. No. 2 (Abdalla Ahmed) was sick yesterday and he played in the second set."

"We tried to fight but we lost as usual. We will try to play better against Russia and Serbia."

On his advice for players during the match:

"I tried to remind them of our plan for German attacks because my players were losing their concentration. I tried to heighten their spirits by telling them that we must play and must win for our team amd our country."

Bjorn Andrae (GER) - captain

On the match:

"Our team knew the match was one of the most important one for us in the Olympic Games, because we needed it to make it to the quarterfinals."

"We started a little nervous, (so) we made some errors in service. We were not fully concentrating at first, but we came back and pushed forward in service and defence."

Stelian Moculescu (GER) - coach

On the match:

"Our success in the first set played a decisive role in our success in the next two sets."

On the Egyptian team:

"The Egyptian team was a bit emotional.. Perhaps losing the first set contributed to them losing the sets after that."

"All the games involve time, and you should believe that you will win in time. Time is the key to success."