Thursday, 25 February 2021
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Press Info - Press Conference
Russia deal with Serbia

Serbia's Head Coach Igor Kolakovic

Vadim KHAMUTTSKIKH (RUS) - captain

On the early start of the game:

"Playing at 10 in the morning is of course rather difficult but we had eight days to adapt beforehand."

On how the team prepared to play against Serbia:

"Our coach told us to especially prepare to confront Ivan MILJKOVIC (SRB) and finally we managed to do that."

On the new ball:

"We have gotten used to the new ball, it is more slippery than the previous one but all the teams are in equal conditions."

Vladimir ALEKNO (RUS) - coach

On the mentality of the team:

"We are trying not to create tension in the team. I spotted Alexey VERBOV (RUS) playing computer games before the match. Of course computer games are not the real thing, but I think it gave some players a chance to calm down."

On the 10:00 start:

"We have to get up at six, then we warm up. The real awakening comes after the first set of the match."

On captain KHAMUTTSKIKH sitting on the bench:

"The team was playing well, that's why I decided not to interfere by introducing an extra player."


Nikola GRBIC (SRB)

On the result:

"My compliments to the Russian team. They played much better than we did today. I hope we play better against Brazil."

Igor KOLAKOVIC (MNE) - Serbia coach

On the team's performance:

"After the first set, we lacked some energy. I am really sorry we lost the fourth set on such a low score, but this is a long tournament."

"I am pleased with the way we went into this game. When we lose a game, even when the opponent is good, there is not much we can be pleased about. Maybe the element of protection was very good, but if you don't connect that with the counter-attack, the result is not very good."