PER / Peru - Team Composition

Team manager Luis Linares
Head coach Natalia Málaga
Assistant coach Martín Escudero
Doctor Carlos Tay
Therapist / trainer Otavio Machado
Journalist Benigno Gonzales
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  2 Brenda Daniela Uribe Uribe 11.12.1993 183 63 297 282 DEPORTIVO ALIANZA
  3   Grecia Herrada Herrada 13.03.1993 177 65 295 285 Club Deportivo Geminis
  5 Vivian Baella Baella 03.08.1992 178 62 291 280 REGATAS LIMA
  6   Alexandra Muñoz Muñoz 16.08.1992 180 63 287 281 Club Deportivo Geminis
  7 Lisset Sosa Sosa 26.06.1992 174 62 283 276 UNIVERSITARIO DE DEPORTES
  8   Katerinne Mabel Olemar Olemar 10.05.1993 176 65 293 280 Jaamsa
  9 Raffaella Camet Camet 14.09.1992 184 67 289 285 Club Sporting Cristal
  10   Ginna Lopez Lopez 28.05.1994 191 66 310 298 Alianza Lima
  C 11 Clarivett Yllescas Yllescas 11.08.1993 185 63 305 295 Circolo Sportivo Italiano
  13   Danae Carranza Carranza 04.06.1994 175 65 270 259 Club Alianza Lima
  14 Diana Gonzales Gonzales 12.01.1992 175 65 276 265 SPORTING CRISTAL
  L 16   Maria Acosta Acosta 25.05.1992 164 56 255 260 Deportivo Geminis
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

The Peruvian National Team, with a renewed vision of volleyball, will participate in the 2011 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Junior World Championship after an intense period of preparation that included a Tour in Europe (Serbia, Turkey, Slovak, Spain and Italy); three preparatory tournaments in Peru: Movistar Cup, Peru Tour 2011, and the UNIQUE Cup; in addition to its successful presentation at the I Pan American Cup U–20.

This new Peruvian team began their work in 2006 two years before their first international tournament, the South American Youth Championship in 2008, After two years of intensive work they qualified for the FIVB Volleyball Girls' Youth World Championship in 2009 in Thailand. In June 2010 Peru hosted the second Latin Cup welcoming Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay as participants. The side topped the tables at the end of the tournament, finishing first and picking up the title, and then the team took part in the XV Princess Cup in Thailand, eventually finishing sixth.

At the first Youth Olympic Games, the Peruvian team, having former player Natalia Malaga as coach, won bronze and moved them up to third place in the Youth World Rankings.

This year Peru host the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Junior World Championship, and the goal of the team is a medal finish.

Coach profile

Natalia Malaga is a living volleyball legend in Peru, identified as one of the five most influential athletes of the 2000s. She is the first Peruvian to earn two Olympic medals: silver in Seoul 88 Olympic Games as an athlete and bronze at the Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010 as a coach and a three-time world medalist: silver at the World Youth Championship in 1981 and senior Championship 1982 and bronze at the 1986 World Championships in Czechoslovakia.

Now far from her role as an athlete she is coach of the Peruvian volleyball junior category.