Player's biography

- RUS / Russia - Player's biography
  Team name  Ivonkina
  First name Maria
  Last name Ivonkina
  Age (birth date) 26  (1/6/1992)
  Hometown Moscow
  Languages Russian, English
Position Height Weight Spike Block
Middle-blocker 183 cm 67 kg 310 cm 298 cm
National Selections Olympic W.Champ. Other Total  
  0 0 9 9
Volleyball career
International debut Serbia 
Club debut Luch
Actual Club LUCH 
Favourites Books: chuk Palanik,Anton Chehov, Dostoevskiy, Milan Kundera
Food: pancakes,fruits and vegetables
Movie: "Where dreams may come","Forest Gump","7 lives", "Angel A"
Music: kwoon, Placebo, System of a Down, Assai, Coockoo, Radiohead
Other sports: