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59 Finals 10/08 09:00 14:00 CAN-JPN 3-0 Niteroi View View View View
61 Finals 10/08 09:00 14:00 IND-ESP 2-3 Rio de Janeiro View View View View
60 Finals 10/08 11:00 16:00 GER-BEL 2-3 Niteroi View View View View
62 Finals 10/08 11:35 16:35 IRI-BRA 2-3 Rio de Janeiro View View View View
63 Finals 10/08 14:20 19:20 USA-SRB 1-3 Rio de Janeiro View View View View
64 Finals 10/08 16:30 21:30 ARG-RUS 2-3 Rio de Janeiro View View View View


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Press releases

11/08/2011 00:38:58
Russia collect eighth gold medal in men’s junior event

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 10, 2011 – Russia added another gem to its long collection of gold medals in the FIVB Men’s Junior World Championship f... More...

10/08/2011 23:57:47
Sergey Shlyapnikov: “The key for our win was quickly recovering from our psychological problems”

Press Conference - Russia versus Argentina... More...

10/08/2011 23:37:17
Russia overcomes top ranked Argentina to win its eighth gold medal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 10, 2011 – Volleyball powerhouse Russia improved its supremacy in FIVB Men's Junior World Championship by winning its e... More...

10/08/2011 21:21:49
Aleksandar Atanasijevic: “We came to Brazil with the goal of earning a medal and the bronze is just great”

10/08/2011 20:55:55
Serbia defeats the United States to earn its first ever medal

10/08/2011 19:06:58
Otavio Pinto: “It was our final”

10/08/2011 18:48:01
Host Brazil finishes 5th after win over Iran

10/08/2011 18:39:35
Steven Vanmedegael: “I'm happy we got our fifth victory in a row"

10/08/2011 18:30:01
Belgium wins Niteroi championship with 9th place

10/08/2011 16:25:25
Francisco Hervás: “I could not be more proud of my players”

10/08/2011 16:06:30
Spain reacts over India to finish 7th in Rio de Janeiro

10/08/2011 15:42:07
Georges Laplante: "We picked it up"

10/08/2011 15:27:56
Canada secures 11th position

10/08/2011 13:48:16
The final battle for the medals is set in Rio

10/08/2011 01:46:36
Russia and Argentina under the spotlight in Rio