Saturday, 22 January 2022
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Match #5 Press Conference: France Versus Greece

France's Krou and Lafitte put up a block versus Greece

Greece Head Coach Georgios Karavidopoulos:
“We didn’t play well in well in reception and that made a big difference in our attack.”

Greece Captain Mitar Tzouritz
“Our serve receive was a difference in the match. In the third set we tried some different things and played close with France. However, France played really well tonight.”

France Head Coach Marc Francastel
“I think the mental game is an area of improvement for our team based on falling behind in the third set. But every time, it is difficult to play the first match of the tournament. I think we played well in reception and attack, but we need to improve on the block.

France Captain Benjamin Toniutti
“I think this was a very good match for France and winning the first match is always important.”


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