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2007 FIVB Men's Junior World Championship
Press Conference
It is a National Day for Iran

IRAN Head Coach Mostafa Karkhaneh:
This is a National Day for Iran. All our nation is celebrating and we are very happy. I'm emotional and this first medal ever means a lot to us and to this working group. It was important that our team was able to win against Italy because we wrote new history for our Volleyball and our sport in Iran.

IRAN Captain Mansour Zadvan:
I have no words to describe how happy we are. I'm very emotional and truly proud for our accomplishment. We were prepared psicologically and physically for the victory over a great team like Italy. This third position is the result of a hard and long period of work.

ITA Head Coach Luigi Schiavon:
I am satisfied with my team ; they did all the best and we will surely work in the emotional level When you are fighting for a medal for sure the level of the match naturally increases. Italy must learn to deal with this.

ITA Captain Davide Saitta:
We feel deception and sadness. Iran played very well and we congratulate all of them. We really were not counting on such a great performance and they deserve the medal.