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2007 FIVB Men's Junior World Championship
Match Description
The host Morocco lost the game against Slovenia 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 25-23)

In the first set both teams performed a nice game. Slovenia led 8-4 through the use of good attack of Tine Urnaut and the digging and blocking of Vid Jakopin. But then Morocco regenerated the blocking through Ahmed Bartali and narrowed the difference 15-13. The power of the Europeans was stronger than the Africans and they win the set 25-17.

Morocco started the second set with hogh spirit and they fought point by point and led 8-5. In attacking also, Morocco mostly used fast sets. But Slovenians draw 8-8 and 11-11 with the good setter Gregor Ropret, and diversified their attacking with Vid Jakopin leading 18-15 and defeating Morocco 25-18.

In the third set the teams played equally from the beginning. But Morocco gradually lead 8-5  and 12-9 until the Europeans brought out all their offensive capacity with Tine Urnaut and lead 16-13. The hosts did their last effort and draw 20-20 before Slovenian answer was fast : 25-23. Slovenian will play on Sunday with Egypt for 9th and 10 th position.