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2007 FIVB Men's Junior World Championship
Match Description
Brazil outlasts Slovenia to win ticket for semi-finals

Brazil did what they had to do and beat Slovenia in four sets, Wednesday afternoon in Rabat, Morocco, to qualify to the semi-finals of the 2007 Men's Junior World Championships.

The South Americans tharshed Slovenia 25-12 in the first set and got an easy 19-12 lead in the second, all set for a quick afternoon. But then they let their defenses down and made things difficult for themselvers. With Dario Savic serving, Slovenia rallied for nine straight points and took a 19-21 lead. Still, Brazil denied the Slovenes three set points, but eventually the Europeans clinched the deciding point in their
fourth attempt, to tie the overall score with 26-28 at 1-1.

Brazil got serious again in the third set and, although Slovenia was back in the game, pulled forward to win the remaing two sets 25-20, 25-17 and the match 3-1.

The result gives Brazil, now holding a 4-1 record, a ticket to the semi-finals in Casablanca on Saturday, and leaves Slovenia, with one victory in five matches, to fight for positions 9-12.