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Germany - Michael Warm

Michael Warm is a quite young coach with his 35 years of age – however he is very experienced in Volleyball. He has already worked for development men's and women's teams as well as senior teams.

At the moment he is the coach for the German junior national men's team, who made it to the World Championship for the first time in 10 years.

Warm celebrated one of his biggest successes in this age group when the German junior side finished in a surprising third place at the 2002 European Championship.

The players of the age group 1983-84 profited from the fact that they played the season 2002-03 in the German first league and were able to play against the best teams in Germany.

Warm knows his players extremely well. “I think there are some very interesting players in this age group, who have the potential to become senior players,” he said. Warm knows this particularly well as he is the current assistant coach of men’s national coach along side Stelian Moculescu.

"We are glad to be in this competition after 10 years absence. We hope to qualify for the quarterfinals and this will be a good achievement. Brazil, Russia and Iran are the teams to beat however."

Warm has made a lot of stops in his coaching career including at second league team of the VF Bayern Lohhof (women) and at the state Bavaria. While he recently worked as the men's assistant coach of the national team, his main responsibility is to be the coach of the men’s juniors national team and to be the coach of the VC Olympia Berlin / national centre Berlin.

Date of birth: 25.03.1968
Place of birth: Nürnberg
Profession: Dipl. Coach
Nickname: "Micha"
Hobbies: Bavaria’s mountains

- Victory with the junior national team at the eight nations tournament in 1999 (coach)
- Silver medal at the 1999 junior European Championship (assistant coach)
- Gold medal with the student’s national team at the 1999 Universiade (assistant coach)
- 5th place at the 2001 junior European Championship
- 3rd place 2002 junior European Championship