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Brazil Team Profile

After winning the world title in 2001, the Menís Junior Brazilian national team is going for its third title in the World Championship in Iran.

In 1993 Brazil won their first gold medal in this tournament (and have always finished in the top three since) and the second one came in 2001 in Poland.

The Brazilian players have been practicing for this competition under Marcos Lerbachís command since May.

Besides both these titles, Brazil has won the silver medal on three occasions in 1981, 1995 and 1997. The bronze medal has also come in three editions: 1977, 1989 and 1999.

The generation that won the world title in 2001 contained many players that had been playing in the Brazilian main team. The wing spikers Murilo Endres and Roberto Minuzzi and also the universal Leandro Vissoto have been working hard along with Bernardo Rezendeís team.

In 2003 the team that will be playing in the U21 World Championship in Iran is expected to bring back some similar success. They have tasted victory before as most of the players are from the gold medal winning team at the Youth World Championship in Egypt 2001.

Brazil is the current Junior South American champion. Among 16 editions, the national team has won the gold medal 13 times.