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2009 FIVB Women's Grand Champions Cup
Tokyo - Fukuoka, Japan
10 - 15 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Italy coach proud of his team's recovery


Italy coach Massimo Barbolini

"Today I am very proud of my team because they have done a very big thing to win this match, because it's easy when you play well to win, but when you don't play well and you're down 2-0 and 16-13, it's easy to say, 'We have lost.' But my team had the pride, not just the technique, and the wish to win, so I'm very proud.

"I would like to dedicate this win to a great friend of mine, Antonio Perdomo, one of the greatest coaches in the history of volleyball, who passed away on Monday.

(What did you say to your team after two sets)

"I said that the first set was starting zero to zero and so we had to start to play. Until this moment we hadn't played and Korea had played very well. We started (the third set) 4-0 down, so we started to play after that. As I said, it's easy to win when you're playing very well; the difficulty is to play when you're losing. You can do nothing at all. You have to restart a new match. Until then Korea was winning 2-0; after that, we won 3-0.

(Who impressed you on the Korean team?)

"I think that the No. 10 of Korea is a strong player. She played very well in attack and receiving too. She's a very interesting player."

Italy captain Eleonara Lo Bianco

"We played very badly at the beginning, but I'm happy with the way we reacted. From the second set, we started to play our Volleyball.

(Reason for loss of first two sets)

"I don't know we started very slowly. Everything was bad for us: service, reception, blocking. We couldn't do anything. Every player could do nothing, the whole team."

South Korea Coach Ryu Hoa Suk

"Today's game was regrettable and I can't get this feeling out of my mind, but I'm satisfied with our overall performance.

(Do you think the reason for the loss is because of lack of preparation time?)

"Results are important in sports. It is true that our team couldn't have enough time to prepare, but it was not the reason for our loss. While lack of time is one of the reasons, it all comes down to victory or defeat.

(Will you be coach next season as well?)

"Now, I am the chairperson of the Korean Volleyball Association and it has not been decided yet; it will be decided at a meeting later."

South Korea No. 10 Kim Yeon Koung

"We played OK . Compared to yesterday's game against Japan, we played well. We didn't have enough time to practice, so I don't expect to do well in this Champions Cup. Regarding today, I feel regret, but I'm satisfied with my team.

(What did you think about the fourth set? Did you lose concentration?)

"In the first and second sets we played well and the third set was so-so, but not bad. The fourth set we played badly. Every player wanted to win so we rushed the points. That feeling caused us to make mistakes on our service and receiving."


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