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2009 FIVB Women's Grand Champions Cup
Tokyo - Fukuoka, Japan
10 - 15 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Manabe:"My players were nervous."

Japanese coach, Masayoshi Manabe
“This was our first match of the World Grand Champions Cup, so the players were really nervous and didn’t perform so well. We had a problem on service reception. In the second set we put Yamaguchi in, which worked well, and we started to play better. One of the problems was Takeshita's setting. She always practices for high-speed play, but compared to her practice she was much slower and our attacks were stopped by single blocks.

(Re. Yamaguchi)

“She played well and made few mistakes. I'd like to start her against Brazil tomorrow because she did well in the practice against Brazil. I think she can score by herself with her technique. Her scoring success rate is pretty high.

“She has a high standard of play and was never blocked on critical points. Takeshita wants to set for a player like that.
(Re. Takeshita)

“She played slowly, but Kimura and Kurihara played as usual. There was just a small gap in their performance levels; she played too slowly. “

Japanese captain, Erika Araki
“In the first set we did not play with good rhythm, but we got it back thanks to Yamaguchi. We won, but we need to get a grip on things ahead of tomorrow's match against Brazil.

(Re. What was the problem in the first set?)

“We made many errors and couldn't get into the game. That's a problem we must fix.”

Japanese No. 1, Megumi Kurihara
“Our play at the beginning of this match was not good. We got back into the game but did not give a good performance. We tried to play smoothly from the first set, but it just didn't work out that way. We need to work on that to perform at our best.”

Japanese No. 17, Mai Yamaguchi
“We lost the first set, so I was brought in to try and change the poor concentration of the team. My teammates helped and I thought I could do well. The level of play was high, but I didn't feel out of my depth. However, I should have attacked at critical moments. But I still feel it was a good game for me.”

South Korean Coach, Ryu Hoa Suk
“I really thought that our volleyball wasn't good, but one or two players did well. There were two reasons why we lost the game: one is the short preparation time; the other is the inexperience of Park Jeong Ah. I wanted her to gain experience for the future. She did well, but she made mistakes.

(Re. Kim Yeon Koung's performance today)

“She's playing in Japan now and she has many Japanese fans, so she wnated to play well and that put extra pressure on her to perform. I think she is a star player.”

South Korean captain, Kim Sa Nee
“Today's game was good. Now we have big matches in Korea, so we have only been playing together for three days, and we didn't have high hopes for today's game. The first set was better than I expected. If we had had more time to prepare, we could have done better.

(Re. Illness and surgery and recuperation)

“The operation I had is a private matter, but I have fully recovered. I took a long enough break. I had a problem with my joints, so I had rehabilitation. Since I played in league matches, I've only been able to train with a volleyball ball for a month, but I'm taking care of my body.

(Re. Pulling the team together)

“I worry about that and think about it, but we have a responsibility to represent our country and I think this feeling can unite us and pull us together as a team.

South Korean No. 10, Kim Yeon Koung
“We had too short a time to prepare for the game, so considering that, we did well. We didn't have a big aim. We could only have a few days to prepare for the Grand Champions Cup and it is a problem of the Korean Volleyball Association.

(Re. Today's good points)

“Our service receiving was good and in the first set we were better than Japan. We had some good chances but couldn't convert them.”


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