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2009 FIVB Women's Grand Champions Cup
Tokyo - Fukuoka, Japan
10 - 15 November 2009

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We learned a lot: Kwiek

Dominican Republic Coach Marcos Kwiek

First, I'd like to say we had a great time in Japan, so I want to thank the staff and everybody else who made an effort in this regard.

We had some tough games in this tournament, but it was a really good experience for us to play against the top teams in the world. We learned a lot and discovered many things we need to work on.

I think our defense has improved, but the team is still young. We served pretty well, but we must still do more.

Dominican Republic No. 3 Lisvel Elisa Eve

I want to praise South Korea for their great effort. They played very well. We tried to enjoy the game.

(You are among the top blockers and your serve was also good; what do you think about your play?)

I'm a center player so my role is to stop the attack. I think I have improved my serve, but I also think the team as a whole has improved their serving.

South Korea Coach Ryu Hao Suk

I would like to thank our hosts, the organizers and the fans.

As for the Korean team, I think we played the most sets among all six teams – we played 20 sets. I think of this tournament as a kind of homework assignment. We need to work on many things, so we'll take this homework home to South Korea and practice to become a better team.

South Korea No. 10 Kim Yeon Koung

There were so many difficult games and not one easy game, but all the players tried hard and the coaches did their best. However, our results weren't good enough. That said, we enjoyed this Grand Champions Cup.

(Despite injury, you could be the tournament's top scorer)

My expectations weren't so high coming into this tournament, but I got many points. Regarding my injury recovery, I concentrated on weight training rather than ball training so maybe my condition as a result is quite good.

(You are going to play for Japanese club JT after this – why did you chose this club?)

I wanted to play for a team overseas and my agent told me I had an offer from a Japanese team.

(What kind of player do you want to be?)

I want to play in every area, such as defense, offense and blocking. I want to be an all-around player. I think through this competition, where I had a lot of help from my teammates, I have been able to improve my confidence. But playing against such strong teams, I feel I need more power. I felt we had less power than the top teams in this tournament.

(What do you think the trends are in volleyball today?)

I think height, power and speed are important. In Europe, the blocking and defense are really good, but I think a combination of Asian volleyball and European volleyball is the way things are going.


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