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2009 FIVB Women's Grand Champions Cup
Tokyo - Fukuoka, Japan
10 - 15 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
We had good concentration today: Ze Roberto

Brazil Coach Ze Roberto

I want to thank the FIVB and staff in Tokyo and Fukuoka; because of their efforts we've been able to have an excellent Grand Champions Cup.

Today, we played well – especially our serving and also our defense. We were able to concentrate and that's why we did very well. Also, our counterattack was good.

(Re use of two setters.)

(Danielle Lins) has good technique and is a good player, but she needs a better sense of distribution and accuracy.

Ana Tiemi (Takagui) also needs more accuracy, but she concentrates very well and her distribution is good.

(Re. future)

We played 45 matches this year. We lost two and won 43. It's important for our young players to play at this international level.

Brazil No. 13 Sheilla Castro

Today, we had a mission to win this match and play well. It was important to gain a fourth victory and to get second place in this tournament.

(You got a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics; are you thinking about a gold medal at the London Olympics or do you have another goal?)

All the tournaments are important for us to play and to win. Of course, we haven't won the World Championship so we will try for that next year in Japan. After that, the Olympics are important, but we have many tournaments before that.

(What have you been able to gain from this tournament?)

We have many things we need to improve. We learned a lot from the game against Italy – our blocking and defense need work and we need to work in integrating new players into the team. We have to get used to playing with them. I think in all areas we need more experience to improve.

Thai Coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai

I want to thank the FIVB for organizing this tournament and a big thank you to the Japan Volleyball Association and the Fukuoka Volleyball Association for giving us such a warm welcome here. And I'd like to thank all the sponsors of the tournament and the media for their work.

I want to congratulate Brazil for their win today. We learned a lot from playing one of the greatest teams in the world; it was an honor for us. Our players tried to show their best and I'm satisfied, especially with our service. All the players did well on service today. We tried hard on our defense and counterattack, but the Brazilian block and defense is very strong and that is why they were able to win today.

Thailand No. 15 Malika Kanthong

(Re. being top-ranked server)

I try to make a target for my service and concentrate before I serve. I try to visualize what I am going to do. I also train a lot on my serves.


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