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2009 FIVB Men's Grand Champions Cup
Osaka - Nagoya, Japan
18 - 23 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Iran: First set was the key


Coach Hossein Madani: It was a good match, a very difficult match in this situation for my players, for my young players, but they played very good in this culture and environment. I think we could have won the first set and if we had won it the result could have been totally different, but we had so many mistakes on the last points of the first set. (Iran missed one set point at 24-23 and lost it 27-25).

(On the difference in environment compared to Iran): It is very different. We have about 6,000 spectators maximum and the players have the experience inside Iran but outside Iran they have no international experience. I told them they controlled the environment well.

Captain Alireza Nadi: It was a very good game and our players did their best. The Japan team played more professionally than our players and we have to learn how to keep our points until the end of the match.


Coach Tatsuya Ueta: We have made good results in this competition because the three wins have come against teams (Poland, Egypt and Iran) that have more physical potential than us, but our defence is so efficient against them, for example digging and blocking. Today we changed Ishijima for Yoneyama and he played very well at serve receive. My reason for sending Yoneyama into the court was for good receiving and serving, and he did well. I advised (setter) Usami to think about tactics more precisely during the game, and in the fifth set this paid off.

Captain Daisuke Usami: I was so relieved to win. We had to be patient during the game, and take the points one by one. We are so exhausted, but finally we could do it.

Takaaki Tomimatsu: Iran played very well today and did not make so many mistakes in the game, so we struggled to win. We were patient until the end and managed to win. Iran’s setter was their best player today.


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