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2009 FIVB Men's Grand Champions Cup
Osaka - Nagoya, Japan
18 - 23 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Egypt: Shimizu was the match-winner


Captain Hamdy Awad El Safi: I think today the Japan team played very well. Today the Japan team had a strong serve and good defence. I think we lose two matches until now because we had some problem in our preparation because 10 players did not come to our camp until five days before we came to Japan. I think this is no good for us. We have three strong matches with good teams in Nagoya and we will try to prepare a good job for the next match. I think today the No. 13, Shimizu, played very well and the two centre blockers today were very good.

Coach Antonio Giacobbe: The Japanese team today played correct, and to play against them and to beat them we must play to the maximum of our potential. In this moment we are not able to do this, maybe for many reasons. Maybe for the reason that the captain said, that we just travelled together without staying for a long period in the camp because many players were in Qatar to play for their clubs in the World Club Championship. That is why maybe we are not in the same condition as two months before, but congratulations to Japan because they played very correct. Today the No. 13 (Shimizu) was the match- winner. I think the two middle blockers played better than some months before, and the two setters the coach used played very intelligently every time in the match.


Coach Tatsuya Ueta: I was a middle blocker as a player so I prepared a lot of blocking systems for the team, and even in the middle of the game I could tell the players where to stand, when to wait and when to jump. I could give them this specific advice and the players followed it and it worked very well. (About Egypt): They made a lot of mistakes at the beginning so we were lucky and could win the first set. A lot of the players started from the junior team so they have a very strong physique and have world-class players, especially the setter (No. 2 Abdalla).

Tatsuya Fukuzawa: At this morning’s meeting we talked that the serve and serve reception would be very important. In today’s game our serve was very good so we were able to build a good attack and that was really effective. The same as yesterday, we fought very well and were united as a team. With this good momentum we want to keep until the games in Nagoya.


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