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2009 FIVB Men's Grand Champions Cup
Osaka - Nagoya, Japan
18 - 23 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Kurek: Poland must stay calm


Coach Daniel Castellani: Cuba played very well tonight, especially their service was so good. We had some problems to resolve with the service, and after it opened the game. I think this is the key for this game. With our team it has improved in some situations, with high ball play better and block play better, but did not play better in receive. I think it is the difference today.

Bartosz Kurek: Cuba are playing very well in this tournament, and in this game also. Our hopes for the whole tournament is to play our game. Now we are not in good shape on the court and not playing well…nothing on receive. The Cuban players made 14 direct points, it’s incredible. We have to think what we have to do next because we are playing the worst of all the teams. We must stay calm and play our game.


Captain Roberlandy Simon: The first two games have finished and now we are beginning new games. In the next three games we will try to fight the same as the two games in Osaka. We lost to Brazil but our idea is to fight again for the last three games. We hope to play the best in the next three games. As the captain I do not like to lose because my team mates are very young and less experienced, so I told them not to lose their fighting spirit.

Coach Orlando Samuels: I am satisfied with the result of the Osaka round. The two opponents are very strong teams. Yesterday we lost bit today we able to win. We are not yet used to the games in the day time because we usually play in the evenings. We depend on individual power, not team power, so we need to improve this aspect. In Nagoya we are going to play three games and I think all the teams are very strong and I want to make good results.

Wilfredo Leon: In Osaka our two opponents have been very strong. They have been tough games but enjoyable to play. From the next games I want to put in all my effort like I did today. Osaka is a very nice place, with great support from everyone.


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