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2009 FIVB Men's Grand Champions Cup
Osaka - Nagoya, Japan
18 - 23 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Shimizu’s serve was Poland’s biggest problem


Coach Daniel Castellani: Japan played very, very well. They played at a high level in all aspects of the game, especially in service and in defence, and in attack they played a good, fast game. We did not play a good game today.

Captain Michal Bakiewicz: Everything happened like we expected. Japan played very well, especially in defence, and in two moments of the game they played very strong on service, especially from Shimizu. It was tough to receive.


Coach Tatsuya Ueta: For this tournament we missed Yamamura and Koshikawa, main players from last year, plus we have new young players so it is a little bit challenging for us. Because of that today’s game was really important, so from the beginning to the end all the players fulfilled their responsibility very well and that is why we were able to win. Before this tournament began, after we learned we would play Poland on the first day, we prepared for good service reception and good serves. We thought that the serving would be the most important factor in winning the game, so we trained a lot to serve better and more stable.

Kunihiro Shimizu: At the beginning of the game we were a little bit nervous and not so good, but in the fourth and fifth sets we finally relaxed and played to our full potential. Tomorrow we play Egypt. They have a good block and service and we have to do our best on defence. When I practice my serves and when I make a mistake it is all about the accuracy of the toss, so today I really concentrated on the toss and could make a stable service.


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