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2009 FIVB Men's Grand Champions Cup
Osaka - Nagoya, Japan
18 - 23 November 2009

 Match info | Press Conference
Giba: I’m loving it!


Coach Bernardinho: Egypt played a very good match. Tactically they played well and controlled our opposite’s game, and I had to change Vissotto. Their No. 4 (Salah) had one of the best games he has played in this tournament, so we had a hard time because they kept switching service. We were not in the best rhythm and we know we must play better. It was good to have this strong service against us so we can be in shape for tomorrow, because Japan will also have hard and float serves. I think it was a good match to test some things and for Egypt to continue and grow and work.

Captain Giba: The match was so hard and Egypt played very good on the service and defence. It was so difficult and so hard to play. They had three or four players going 100 per cent all the time on the service. It is good for Brazil today. We played good in the first and second sets and in the third we go down, but still we can win. Now Japan is the last match.

(On facing Egypt’s southpaw ace Ahmed Salah): We watched the other teams on video and wondered why he spiked so little in this competition, but today you could see he is the player. I think he played very well. It is difficult to take him because he jumps so high and he has a very fast arm. He takes the ball so high and his arm comes down so fast. Maybe he comes to play in Brazil. It is good for my team!

(On his future): I will stay in the national team because it is a pleasure for me and I love to stay here in the national team and do something for my country. My country has so many problems in politics and other things, and I want to give something to the kids. I love to defend my country and I love to play volleyball.

(On facing Japan on Monday): The Japan team at the moment is playing the best here from what I see. They do every single fundamental well and play defence like I have never seen. If you cannot put the ball on the floor you lose your patience. Tomorrow the stadium will be so full and it will be a so hard match because Japan is playing very good at the moment.



Coach Antonio Giacobbe: We did not discover Brazil tonight, and that is why we must be realistic. I do not say it was enough, but I am very happy that my team was in the game in all three sets. We made some mistakes, but against Brazil we cannot check all the mistakes. I congratulate Brazil because it is not easy to stay in good concentration for Brazil against a team like Egypt, so it means they respect us, so thank you for this.

Ahmed Salah: Brazil is the No. 1 in the world and for Egypt it was a very good experience to play against them. For me personally it was a good experience, too, so I am happy for that.


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