Close Float (Standing Float)

Middle Distance Float

Long Distance Float

Approach Float
(2-3 Steps)

Side Float
(Asian Float)


High arm


Same as Close Float


Same as Middle Distance Float

Same as Close Float


Shoulders perpendicular to net


Low Toss in front of hitting shoulder


Bigger step with the front foot


Aim to put ball with higher arc than with MDF

Walk into the ball


Step sideward towards the net



Step into ball with leading foot pointing to target area

Arc of ball passes higher above the net than in Close Float

Fast and Strong arm


Toss ball more in front of shoulder


Toss ball low towards leading shoulder



Back straight and fixed shoulder

Fast arm


Follow into court

Drag back foot


Rotate body towards ball with slightly bent arm


Contact, arm, shoulder, hip & feet straight line

Move into court


Straight back and high arm with contact

Contact ball on  heel of hand or back of thumb


Stop hand snap back on contact




Keep arm high as you follow through into court