Short characterization USA





2000 - 2008


OG 2000



NNAMI, Oganna


GLASS, Alisha

WCH 2002



BERG, Lindsey


SYKORA, Stacy (L)

WC 2003



BOWN, Heather


BARBOZA, Cynthia

OG 2004



TAMAS, Jennifer


LARSON, Jordan

WCH 2006



TOM, Logan



WC 2007



HODGE, Megan


HOOKER, Destinee

OG 2008




General remarks

·         Together with BRA the USA was the most experienced team (7 players: WCH 2006, 8 players: OG 2008, 6 players who played in both these tournaments, Average age was 27, 1 years, body height without libero: 186 cm).

·         As in previous tournaments experienced players (Tom, Bown, Sykora, Berg) formed the stable skeleton of the starting line-up. Within a systematic renewal process these players are successfully replaced by young players with a high level of performance which still have an excellent potential for performance enhancement (No.2 Glass for Ah Mow-Santos, No.16 Akinradewo for Scott, Nr.19 Hooker for Haneef-Park).

·         The individual player profiles for the functions in the team focus on an universal play ability with individually strong performance features of the players. They are brought together in a well developed strategic playconcept in a harmonic manner. 

·         The efficient play and application of the performance capacity was supported by modern scouting information and is characterized by the proverbial teamwork and fighting spirit of the USA team.

·         During the tournament the team was able to improve its performance with an extraordinary level of performance in many elements: serve reception, defense, two very good setters.

·         The play of the USA team was a very good example of modern international top volleyball, as in long rallies, for example, when it played with a clear trust in the high level of performance of its block/field defense, and showed an extraordinary example how to prepare the final attack or block action with a controlled play.



·         Consequent and variable service adapted to the opposing team (application of modern information systems) and closely connected the tactical adaptations of block behavior, stable technique made successful serve series possible.

·         The team had a mix of service options from controlled jumpspin powerserve (3 starting lineup players), powerful jumpfloats mostly from pos. 5 with flat trajectory and backlinefloats by one setter. Exemplary was the very precise jumpserve with variable spin by no. 15 Tom.

·         The number of direct service points of Hooker was remarkable (rank 15, 7% aces).



·         The team played with a 3-player receptionformation against all serve variants.

·         Well tuned and efficient actions, variable spatial adaptation of the formations (closer/wider).  With the libero on pos. 1 the serve reception formation is slightly mo-ved to the left and the libero is guarding a wide action range to the right.

·         Overhand reception as one of the standards of the technical repertoire.

·         Extraordinary team performance (rank 1: 53% + / 4% -). Both attackers among the TOP 10 in individual ranking (rank 1 no.15 Tom: 62% + / 5% -; rank 7: no.11 Larson  53% + / 3% -) and receive 77% of all services of the teams.  Libero no. 5 Sykora (55% + / 5% -) completes the excellent individual level of performance for the USA team in this element.


Set / Attack Complex I and Complex II

·         The US-team has two strong setters with different playing style and aura who share the position in the starting line-ups.

·         While the young, internationally still inexperienced no. 2 Glass integrated herself in a calm and restrained manner, directed the older, experienced no 4 Berg (starting player in both final round matches) with energy, in an active manner constantly motivating her teammates.

·         Precise application of underhand set as the alternative technique in complicated situations by several players.

·         Complex I: Efficient attacks with simple attackingcombinations, well balanced distribution of sets and incorporation of the individually strong features of the attackers. 1st tempo attacks in front of and behind the setter (MB no. 7/16), quick outside attacks from pos. 4 and pos. 2 with variable spiking technique by attacker no.15/11, opposite Nr.19) and backcourt attack (opposite no.19, especially pos. 6) characterized the attackactions of the team.

·         Complex II: Attacks from outside positions 2 and 4 independent of the defense situation (defense, covering, freeball) dominate together with frequent and very successful attacks from backcourtposition 1 (opposite no. 19 Hooker!). Precise fielddefense actions represent the presupposition for frequent attackorganization with quick and medium high sets.

·         The team performance was on the same level (43% + / 12% -) as the for the teams of  TUR/ITA/JPN, but not as good as the two team that played in the final. No.19 Hooker (45% + / 11% -) was the best attacker. The attackers Tom and Larson showed a level of success in their spikes of 39% res. 37% (international topscores were above 50%).


Block / Defense

·         The team played with a very well organized system of block/fielddefense which was adapted to the opponent (systematic application of modern scouting information).

·         Application of all block variations: 3-players block on outside positions and against backcourt attacks pos. 6; precise positioning of the outer blockplayers – efficient one-player blocks and 2/3-players’ blocks (timing synchronization); footwork with differing stepsequences and combined stepsequences (especially running steps - closing-step, sidesteps).

·         Teamperformance with a midfield rank (rank 5: 17% kills / 31% faults). It is important to note - in general, but especially for the assessment of the USA – the role of the block (position, cohesion – trustworthy blockshadow) as a reliable orientation point for fielddefense.

·         Well organized and flexible defensesystem results in a level of performance almost as good as JPN and rank 2 in the “best diggers” ranking. The basic system is pos. 6 back. The players on pos. 1 and 5 act in a flexible manner with or without close coverage of the block (res. the free netplayer becomes responsible for the close coverage of the block). Defense reinforcement in the expected main spiking direction was a frequent tactical option.

·         Very agile libero on pos. 5 acts with quick reactions, strong defensive actions against diagonal and line attacks as well as in block coverage. Libero always tries to perform double-armed defense techniques and performs perfect skills in quick in reaction overhead techniques.