Short characterization BRAZIL





2000 - 2008


OG 2000





LINS, Danielle

WCH 2002



SILVA, Adenizia



WC 2003



CARVALHO, Jaqueline


GONZAGA, Welissa

OG 2004



SILVA, Joyce


PEREIRA, Natalia

WCH 2006



CASTRO, Sheilla


DE OLIVEIRA, Fabiana (L)

WC 2007





DE SOUZA, Jos. Fabiola

OG 2008




General remarks

·         World silver medalist BRA together with the USA had the most experienced teams (10 players: WCH 2006, 6 players: WCH 2006/OG 2008) with a mean age of 25.9 years and a body height without libero of 185,5 cm. Together with RUS the team from BRA dominated the international top (actually the team was a bit more stable and had some advantages with respect to attacking and blocking actions).

·         Stable starting lineup during the course of the world tournament with short-term tactical substitutions (serve, serve reception, block), especially often during the final stage of a set.

·         Standards:  Double substitution with setter No. 3 / opposite No. 11 and attacker No. 10 for MB No 1. Starting formation: Setter P6 or P1.

·         Dynamic and powerful offensive play: perfect combination combined with universal technical abilities and individual skills of the individual players with respect to their playing position resp. function in the team; very well organized and effective structure of the play, the team is playing very emotional, but has a rational and clever playing behavior.

·         Very efficient, convincing play concept which is adapted in its technical-tactical actions to the individual match situation (systematic application of modern scouting information).



·         In the majority of cases powerful jump floats with a run-up of 2-4 steps and from varying positions, in addition the players performed controlled jump spin power serves and approach floats (one player for each of these two variations).

·         Focus on tactical effect, not on winning the point (application of modern information and scouting systems).

·         Team performance on the level of the medal winning teams (6% aces / 7% faults).



·         Serve reception with 3 players for the jump spin power serve: good adaptation of the serve reception position, calm actions with efficient techniques.

·         The serve reception formation is adapted to other services as the jump floats and distance floats: Formation with 2 players, 2+1-formation, formation with 3 players to receive. Formation with 2 players and 2+1-formation to receive backline floats.

·         Conscious and very precise reception with overhand passes, especially by the attacker of the starting lineup (No. 8/12).

·         Finishing 3rd in the team-ranking matching the performance of RUS and the USA (52% excellent / 5% faults); Attacker No. 8 Carvalho among the TOP 10 of individual ranking (57% + / 3% -). High level of performance of libero de Oliveira (57% + / 6% -) with significantly less participation in actions.


Set / Attack - Complex I and Complex II

·         Major setter No. 17 – playing her first WCh/OG – with well balanced and effective distribution of passes, but still not yet on the level of many years’ star setter de Souza. Focus on the application of the underarm pass as alternative technique in difficult situations.

·         Set distribution C1: Powerful quick and medium-high passes towards pos. 4 were dominating. In addition perfect 1st tempo attacks in front of and with one-legged-jump-off behind the setter as well as variable 2nd tempo attacks from pos. 2 (starting from outside position, double-legged jump-off), quite rare attacks from back court (pos. 6/1).

·         Set distribution C2: Clear focus on attack termination from outside positions (P4!) following medium-high passes resp. quick passes, only a few back court attacks, very efficient 1st tempo in front of the setter and 2nd tempo from pos. 2 (especially in freeball situations).

·         Especially effective attacking actions: C1 – quick attack 1st and 2nd tempo, C2 – whole dynamic in transition “defence/covering/freeball - counter attack”.

·         Finishing 3rd in team ranking “attack”, but not matching the performance of World Champion RUS (47:51% + / 14:10% -); in individual ranking only opposite No.13 Castro (49% + / 15% -) among TOP 10, compared to three Russian attackers. Only midfield ranks in individual and team ranking “set”.


Block / Defense

·         Optimum arrangement and efficient block/field defense-system.

·         The whole variety of blocks is applied in accordance with the individual situation, good arrangement of the block with respect to the opponents’ set position (close to the net/back court) and to the attacking variant resp. position.

·         Compact and aggressive arrangement of the block (timing, action height, reliable block shadow) often as a double block to fight quick attacks (pos. 3!).

·         Application of two very tall middle blockers (body height 193 resp. 196 cm): very offensive individual blocks on pos. 3 - very good action height and wide range of actions above the net.

·         Calm and effective blocking actions based on modern scouting information.

·         Together with RUS best team performance (21% kills / 29% faults). Both block players rank among the TOP 4 in individual ranking.

·         Basic structure of field defense: Pos. 6 rear / often without or with covering the area close to block players by field players on pos.1 and pos. 5.

·         Reinforced defense in case of diagonal attacks (double defense), defense positions of the players on pos. 1 and 5 tend to be a forward inward position; even pos. 6 is moving forward in dependence of the spiking direction. .

·         Defense against back court attacks without covering the area close to the net; the players close to each other, quick reactions to cover attacks with flexible adaptations (as for example. 2-2-1 / 3-2).

·         The libero is acting with clever anticipation of the location of the actions, she is playing efficiently mainly on pos. 5, but also on pos. 1/6.

·         As a summary the team shows a good field defense (team ranking 4, best diggers: Libero and one attack player among the TOP 10) successful application of “beach techniques”.