Short characterization SCG





SCG represented the typical European style of current women’s volleyball and their winning the third place was a (pleasant) surprise. The team’s impression is rather unspectacular; they seem to be nothing special, however their play was well organised (calm but consistent lead from outside) and efficient. The secret of the young team’s success (average age 23 years, body height without libero 187 cm) was the maximization of performance of each individual player within a compact regular formation. During the tournament, they did not always play consistently, but were able to improve when they had to. Their solid and universal basic training helped them to implement their special functions (“universal specialists”). Back up players integrated themselves well into the regular six.


They had a good balance risk - errors in serving. Players 3 Djerisilo and 15 Spasojevic hit efficient, controlled jump spin serves.

The main passers player 3, player 10 and libero player 18 provided for decent reception performance (in the finals against BRA/ITA 50% success/8% errors).


Setter 10 Ogjenovic played very calmly and consistently, with well-balanced situative distribution of sets and well coordinated with the attacking players. With her technical abilities she will be able to play more accurately in future.


Attacking was simply structured and oriented itself by the “strength and technique” of the attacking players. They have shown particularly aggressive outside attacks from position IV and very fast attacks behind the setter (against BRA/ITA 29% of all attacks in K1). Back court attacks occur very often (C1 und C2 each about 20% of all attacks).

The team’s good preparedness for efficient attacking transitions is proven by their third place in the „best blockers“ team ranking and fourth place in the “best diggers” team ranking (good libero player 18; third in individual ranking „best libero“).In the interplay between block and defence there was good tactical adaptation. Player 11 was SCG’s leading block player. Including setter 10 (body height 183 cm) the regular formation had a fairly balanced level of body heights – a good condition for blocking.